ICE 3M is a state of the art high speed train suitable for 4 systems of overhead power supply. A train set consists of a fixed combination of 8 cars. Up to 2 train sets can be coupled.

Datasheet for ICE 3M
Type EMU
Fleet size 4
Years Built 2001-2003
Overhaul/refurbishment -
Manufacturer Siemens AG
Maximum speed 330 km/h
Length 200 m
Width 2.95 m
Step height -
Dead weight 405,000 kg
Passenger Capacity
1. Class seats 134
2. Class seats 244
Folding seats -
Standing room (4/m^2) -
Toilets -
Power Data
Power supply -
Axel configuration
Powered axles
Bogies 1 powered and 1 trailer bogie per car. Air suspension
Brakes Disk brakes and additional electro-magnetic rail brakes
Doors Electro-pneumatic doors, 1 or 2 doors per side per car
Interior climate Air conditioning