The Coradia Lint 41 is a two-car DMU built by Alstom.

Datasheet for Lint 41
Type DMU
Fleet size 54
Years Built 2016-2018
Overhaul/refurbishment -
Manufacturer Alstom Transport GmbH
Maximum speed 140 km/h
Length 42.21 m
Width 2.75 m
Step height 630 mm
Dead weight 76,6 t
Passenger Capacity
1. Class seats 6
2. Class seats 98
Folding seats 6
Standing room (4/m^2) 130
Toilets 1
Power Data
Power supply
Engine 2x MTU 390kw
Axel configuration 3x 2 axles
Powered axles
Bogies 3
Brakes Electro-pneumatic and magnetic brakes
Doors Electrical 2-leaved doors, 1 door per side per car
Interior climate Heating, ventilation and air conditioning in both passenger area and driver cabin