Financing and Leasing

As a lessor, we provide financing and leasing solutions to enable operators to invest in new rolling stock and/or refurbishments of existing rolling stock. The benefit for the operator is that all residual value risk is transferred to the lessor and the operator can limit its exposure to the term of the franchise. We provide support in tender processes for the procurement of rolling stock and perform the project management in close cooperation with the operator to ensure on-time delivery.

Sale & Lease Back

Taking over rolling stock from operators and leasing it back, enabling the operator to reduce its residual value risk and limiting its exposure to the rolling stock to the term of the franchise. A crucial part of this process is the valuation of the rolling stock, which we provide in close cooperation with external and independent experts to establish the fair market value.


At the end of the scheduled (initial) lease term, we perform remarketing services to manage the residual value risk of our rolling stock and to ensure subsequent leases to (other) operators or sale of the rolling stock coming off-lease. We avail of our widespread network that has been established over time. Please see our rolling stock for lease and for sale pages in the Fleet section of our website for information on rolling stock that is currently available.

Asset Management and Contract Management

All our rolling stock is monitored and controlled by our asset management department to ensure compliance with the operators' lease obligation and to manage residual value risk. Periodic inspections, analysis of maintenance execution, calculations and monitoring of maintenance reserves, reporting on actual usage of the rolling stock are examples of the asset management activities performed. Furthermore, we perform contract management activities in relation to the purchase agreement during the construction phase of the rolling stock, as well as lease management activities during the term of the lease. With our vast experience on legal and operational level we ensure that parties perform their obligations in accordance with the relevant agreements.

Consultancy Services

We also provide all of our services to other lessors and operators that have the need for expertise, capacity and market relationships similar to ours. Consulting services can be provided for specific projects or via detailed servicing agreements for extensive and long term service requirements.